“A” of A Factory inc.
stands for fresh beginning and highest grade on quality.
I t represents our firm attitude to commit developing our craftsmanship without losing initial enthusiasm.
What we do is starting from scratch and creating new ideas rather than relying on the technics and know-how obtained from the experience.
It is like starting a drawing on a white canvas with a pencil.

We believe continuous creation is essential for our mission; Creativity with fresh eye, ability to embody an idea, adaptability to the contemporary needs, and originality and uniqueness. These qualities are essential for us to achieve the endeavor of our creation.

There is no goal to be “perfect” .
We keep asking ourselves to refine the products to completion even f or invisible details.
This is our best way to accomplish the goals not only for the clients but also for everyone involved in our project.
We offer sensuous designs with various ideas and ingenuity.

This is what we do, our mission.

Each single project is
custom-made for you


As one of our strength for space planning,
we have made various achievements in product design.


We always offer you highest and quickest services
in space planning nationwide to
make your ideal space into a reality.


Consultation, and any inquiry
about our products and company
Inquiry by phone


New Graduate / Internship / Mid-Career Recruitment
A-Factory inc. always offers career opportunities,
and look for creative resources who can flexibly adopt globalized needs,
with a philosophy of genuine craftsmanship lasting through our next generation.