|| Flow for Technical Services

Store maintenance available for any needs
Interior / Exterior

|| Q&A for technical services

Q) Can you provide service for private residence?

A) We are afraid that we can only offer services for corporate retail project.

Q) Inconvenient access to the site.

A) Our service is available nationwide.

Q) How much do you charge?

A) Please feel free to ask us by phone. Our estimation is always for free and always provided before any work.

Q) How should we ask you to do a work?

A) You can contact / inquire us anytime through our website.

Q) Is night work and available?

A) We would be available without distracting your business hours.

Q) I don’t have any drawing and specs for my space..

A) No details necessary. We would survey everything for your space.

Q) We want the new fixture at once for our nationwide stores.

A) Our coverage can offer you nationwide service at once.

Q) Is your service available for Shopping Complex and Department Store?

A) We have completed various project nationwide as designated contractor.