quality policy

We, A Factory, understand our customers’ needs precisely, maintain systems for Quality Control, Handover Control, Cost Management. Also, we provide reliable products and services with upgrading innovation and technology, aiming sustainable operation for our continuous contribution to the society. Our practices to achieve the goals are;

- Our motto, “Safety comes before anything else” and provide reliable products and services to our customers with the philosophy.
- Respond to our customers’ needs, provide high-quality products and services and strive to increase our reliability.
- Strive to improve our product and service quality and implement continuous improvements by the quality management system.
- Share the quality policies and quality objectives among all staff and tackle the quality improvements.
- Adhere to the related laws, code, regulations, and standards required to provide our products and services.

environmental policy

Our Millwork & Fixtures Production Department is closely working on the principle of “good products that can only be made in a good work environment.” We aim to pursue the coexistence of natural environment protection and business activities through production activities of millwork and furniture.
To this end, we put into practice the policies listed below.

- We endeavor to minimize the consumption of resources and energy in the course of our business activities, as well as recycling or appropriate disposal of waste in order to preserve the environment.
- We minimize pollution to continuously decrease our impact on the environment.
- We set up and review environmental goals for our company. We also continually improve our environmental management system.
- We strictly comply with laws and regulations regarding the environment.
- Our environmental policy is made public and all our employees/partner companies are made fully aware of it.

Registered organization: Furniture production department.