privacy policy

|| Handling of Personal Information

A Factory Inc. (hereafter referred to as “A Factory” or “We”) recognizes keeping customer personal information safe which is also equal to keeping customer valuable property safe. Based on this recognition, Hereby A Factory declares handing customer personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with following Privacy management guidelines.

1. Definition of Personal Information 

“Personal Information” is defined as information relating to surviving individuals, which can identify a specific individual by the personal information containing name, address, age and other description. Also, any other information that can identify specific individuals. A Factory handles Personal Information in accordance with following manners, contents, and purposes. 

|| Business activities dealing with Personal Information

Design and Architectural planning service
Manufacturing of our sales product 
Consulting service
Architectural Management services

|| Obtaining Manner

Miscellaneous documentation, Data, and Business Cards.

|| purpose of use

Sales activities, Labor Management

2. Acquisitionof Personal Information

A Factory acquires customer’s personal information and inquires about sales and business activities information.
We use the acquired relevant personal information within the scope required to accomplish the Purpose of Use in compliance with our Privacy Policy. The personal information we collect for our business practice are as following.

3. Purposeof Use of Personal Information

In principle, following are our Purpose of Use of Personal Information.

Furthermore, A Factory does not provide personal information to third parties without the permission of the personal in question except in cases of below circumstances as follows.

4. Safety Management of Personal Information

A Factory enacts safety management system of customer personal information in a rational, organizational, human and technological manner, and we strive to the preventing from unauthorized intrusion of personal data, and destruction, falsification or leaks of personal information by implementing appropriate information handling in compliance with the relevant law and ordinance. 

5. Correcting and deleting of Personal Information

In cases of request for correcting and deleting the personal information, please inform us through our below said Point of Inquiry regarding personal information. 

6. Indirect Obtainment of Personal Information

When personal information is acquired indirectly rather than directly from customers, We will notify or announce the purpose of use to the individuals concerned in advance.

7. Management and supervision responsibility of PersonalInformation

A Factory provides compulsory educational trainings and appropriate supervision to employees who are responsible for managing personal information for our business practice. Furthermore, in case of entrustment of personal information management to outsourcing partners, we also manage and supervise the information handling executed by the outsourcing partner in accordance with Non-Disclosure Agreement and/or relevant contract.

8. Regardinguse of Cookies on our website

A Factory may sometime use cookie on our website for provisioning of better services to customer. This does not violate customer’s privacy and collect any information that can identify individual. Further, the internet browser setting can be modified if customer does not want to accept cookie.
Cookies is stored packet data information in hard-disk of customer’s computer.

9. Point of Inquiry regarding Personal Information

A Factory inc. 
Agri-Square Shinjuku Bldg. 10th Fl. 
27-11,Sendagaya 5-chome, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo151-0051, Japan
TEL:+81-3-3225-5160 (M-F 10:00-17:00)
Personal Information Protection Management Manager: Tetsuya Noda

10. Revision of Privacy Policy

In case of revision of collected personal information, purpose of use, and other privacy policy, AFactory release information on this page of our website.  

Established on December 12, 2008
A Factory Inc. 
President  Keiichi Ohki