ANTISISMO has a revolutionary ability. During an earthquake, it pushes structure in the direction of the force when lateral vibration energy acts on the framing.

ANTISISMO releases a counter-force while the structure resting on a sphere will still tumble in the direction of the force. The ANTISISMO spheres and their mounts are typically connected as lines of rings, but during an earthquake, this connection changes into alternating points and lines. The system is a significant difference between traditional devices and ANTISISMO and makes ANTISISMO patented.

The ANTISISMO seismic isolator even handles long cycle tremors.

ANTISISMO is an innovative seismic isolator that absorbs short cycle shocks and uses sliding friction to prevent tumbling during long cycle shocks.

An example of ANTISISMO seismic isolator application

Many of our clients have large custom-built fixtures modified with ANTISISMO for a seismic isolator in case of an earthquake emergency. It also helps to move the fixture easily on remodeling.