The reason why us, A Factory inc, has been chosen by high-end clients is our passion for “MONOZUKURI,” Japanese craftsmanship.

“Does space have the charm to drag people into?”
“Does space show products or service in the most attractive way?”
“Does space create flow?”

Our value statement and unique point of view have created spaces and stores.

We are specialists in design, plan and construction management for various buildings and spaces. Our diverse clients are high-end retail such as luxury apparel and jeweler, or hospitality, healthcare and public.

We put our very best effort on our client’s project with confidence.

We keep dealing with the fast-changing world while carrying over the spirit of “MONOZUKURI.” We also look for the person who can relate to our philosophy.


Designer 3rd years at A Factory inc.

1 Experience of previous company
I had been designed for Commercial facility and General merchandise store at previous company.

2 Objective to join A Factory inc.
As a motive for changing jobs, I wanted to communicate closely with clients and make use of English skills in overseas study abroad experience at the same time.
So, I decided to join this company they have a lot of foreign clients and have the opportunity to be engaged in work in various fields.

Designer 3rd years at A Factory inc.

3.Impression at the company
It is so interesting to listen to Experience stories from various staff who have various backgrounds.

4 About contents of work
I am in charge of designing and handling projects of several foreign clients.
I would like to challenge without fear of the fields I have never experienced.



Full-time/ Contractor


New graduates; Designer and Project manager
Careers; Project manager


9:30am to 6:00pm



Tokyo HQ, Quality Control Center (Saitama),
Sapporo branch, Nagoya branch, Osaka branch, Kyushu branch


We will decide the salary with consideration of the current annual income and ability.
Salary raises each year (June)
Bonus is given twice/ year (July/ December)


Health insurance, Welfare Pension Insurance, Employment insurance, etc


Paid time off, Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, Caregiver Leave


Resume, Graduation Certificate, Transcript, Medical checkup
*Portfolio for architect and designer


7-6-18,Tsuji,Saitama Minami-ku,Saitama 336-0026 Japan
A Factory INC. Recuitment officer(