our approaches to SDGs

- Developing and selling of Round-table type communication board “Enta-kun”.

- Recommendation and support for the acquisition of qualification (allowance and tuition aid)
- Holding Employees Workshop
- Holding Safety Workshop

- Promoting Remote Work
- Child Care / Nursing Care Support (Childcare / nursing leave)
- Natural disaster management maitaining life-safety of employees

- Promoting Cool Biz / Warm Biz Campaign (Office temperature setting: Summer28℃ Winter20℃)

- Separation of waste and valuable Ordering material without waste.

- Operation of Environment-friendly EC site "r.Bazzar factory"  Planning and production of some items for the brand.

- Seperation of recycling waste such as cardboard,  waste collection by the vendor  (includes waste from construction site)
- Observance of Industrial Waste Processing Methods,  Recycling Law, and compliances
- Service provision in accordance with ISO9001,ISO14001

- Disposing industrial waste  in accordance with Recycling Law