Our service is from site survey to concept development and gives full support until opening the facilities. With the diverse perspective, we focus on client’s project thoroughly.
It is necessary to have a viewpoint of project, operation and merchandising and a viewpoint of design and construction at the same time for developing commercial facilities. A Factory consults clients with total project package to satisfy their needs.


Concept development is the guide to visualize the client’s project in detail. It helps to solve problems which usually occur within on-going projects. Thus, we believe this is the core of the project.


Management of the projects on customer-oriented that accordant with the Japanese laws.

After understood the concept and intention of clients with globally active.
Our staffs who have experience working abroad can help the clients to develop their store in Japan with our expertise.
Beginning on the selection and research of the store location to the material selection according to the concept of the store.
And also to design and construct the store according the Japanese laws.
For the communication, we will manage the project smoothly by standing the view of the clients.

Design Planning


The commercial design continues to change with the times.
It is significantly affected by the sensibilities of the consumers and fluctuations of the economy, so that the trend of yesterday may lose its appeal today.
Our 30 years of experience as A Factory has built upon many past achievements while creating new designs that will not become outdated for years without losing the sense of contemporary needs. We believe that the unique design is to capture the spirit of the future, fit into the needs of tomorrow rather than dwell on what was popular in the past.


Another characteristic of our design is to go beyond the general step of creating “image” of the space by having “design” skill. Mostly our staff creates an image and design together. It allows us to strive for the functionality, efficiency, and eternity of design not only visualize the beauty of it. Space must be designed considerably to be part of user’s life. For that purpose, we visit sites as much as we can and repetitively review and examine the site.

Production & Construction

Our own workshops offer the highest standard of craftsmanship

one would not satisfy if the actual execution is not carried out as planned even if the design is great. This is why we offer a unified approach – creative design work and actual construction – ensuring that our spatial designs are realized for embodying the ideal space.

A Factory is professional to embody the space by our the technical skills and passion that is essential for custom-made space for each customers.
We study and offer the best construction materials, furnishings, parts and items, produced through the highest-standard manufacturing process, designed to fit perfectly into the intended space.
When the need arises, we design and produce original products with passion and ambition.
Every wish of our Customers is a special request and we will not compromise on quality and attention to detail.

Experienced teams of craftsmen

We think a project from our Customers’ point of view and care about providing the best cost performance, well-balanced construction, items and parts production.
Over 50 members of our production staff propose their ideas, inspect the site, prepare trial products, conduct tests and carry out the manufacturing work as needed.
We carry out projects in the quickest and most cost effective way.
Our work philosophy is that the space we design is always unique, and therefore we offer original, unique products according to your needs.
We offer wide range of products, including lighting, mannequins, and construction materials, and each of them highly prized for its ultimate functionality and beauty.


Full shop maintenance and operational support

A Factory conducts professional maintenance work to ensure that the Customers’ store space is always safe and appealing.
Should you need our industry-leading maintenance services within Japan, whether regarding items made by us or our affiliated companies, contact us by phone or the Internet.
We guarantee high standard store set up, construction, and interior design maintenance services, perfected over years of experience, to maintain the highest quality of your facilities. We also offer quick response in case of emergency.

Any help? We would be help for your any needs

  • Operation consolidation at once for your nationwide stores
  • Repair for lighting
  • Need more electrical outlet
  • Breaker tripped
  • Repair for door
  • Retouching and renew your wall finish
  • Renewing fixture
  • Window broken
  • Plumbing repair

We offer a one-stop solution for all your maintenance needs!

Just give us a call for a quick response across Japan.

We would provide the best maintenance plan for your needs.



Seismic resistance reinforcement for emergency need in your facility

Every facility needs to be prepared for emergency.
ISGW (Interior Shear Grid Wall) is one of the solutions we offer.
ISGW is a hybrid anti-earthquake reinforcement system that utilizes steel lattice, glass and cushioning.
It can be delivered as units that do not require heavy machinery and fit inside an elevator, which allows for easy mounting without disruption to your business.
The highly transparent, open design allows you to add more lighting fixture along with this work, and gives the high-level of you convenience and habitability.

ISGW – the hybrid earthquake resistance system

ISGW is a hybrid anti-earthquake reinforcement system that utilizes the earthquake resistant features of a steel lattice, glass and several layers of cushioning. This system makes use of epoxy resin to strengthen buildings and reduce the load on the building structure.

Go to the Official ISGW Website.


The spatial art for every scene.

Vertex has actively investigated into the development of lighting fixtures on the passion for (making new things).In pursuit of progress in how to complete every scene as a spatial art,we always grasp the needs of market demand with our sense and propose how to create a new type of lighting. Beside the development of original lighting fixtures for the shop lighting design.We are engaged in a wide range of lighting projects including museum,art museum and exhibition.Base on the experience and achievement from these projects,we find out how to propose all from design to execution.

food system inc

A Factory Food System will Develop and sophisticate the world of food

The trend of the food culture in city is evolving.It changes to be a food business which is diversified,individualized and advanced.In completely supporting these food business projects,we created an independent company which made up of professional staff specialize in food called c.Start from the concept creation and planning to the opening and business management.We will always provide a consulting service for the situation with a professional perspective.

Construction Manegement


Our practice allows us to proceed with a Western construction management system which makes us peculiar customer-driven firm. Our mission is to focus on problem-solving while sliming the complicated, unclear customs. We believe the goal for everyone; not only the customer but including the staff who support a project, is to be achieved by managing project throughout.


In constant pursuit of A Factory, construction management team is satisfying clients by providing quality of project management throughout with reasonable price and value of the property.
Please find the detail listed below.