Design, Project Management, and Furniture Production.


9:30 〜18:00


Tokyo HQ, Quality Control Center (Saitama),Sapporo branch, Nagoya branch, Osaka branch, Kyushu branch.

* Designer position work locations are in Tokyo HQ and Saitama Center.
* Craftsman position work location is in Saitama Production Center.
* Bilingual and Creative Designer positions work location is in Tokyo HQ.


We will decided the salary based on your current annual income and experience.


Health Insurance, Welfare Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, etc.


Paid Time Off, Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, Caregiver Leave, qualification skill allowance system.


Resume, Graduation Certificate, Transcript, Medical Checkup.
*Portfolio is required for architects and designers.


7-6-18,Tsuji,Saitama Minami-ku, Saitama 336-0026 Japan
Recruitment Officer(


【For new grads of 2025】

Please follow Application guidelines here.
Information of Invitation to Company Orientation here.
New Grads Recruitment Schedule here. 

Please make sure you understand our application guidelines of recruitment by looking at our website. If you are interested in our company and want to join us, print out the entry form, fill it out and send it with other documents to the address below.
Other necessary documents*:Transcript / Certificate of expected graduation / Medical Checkup Results 
Download the entry form from here.

7-6-18, Tsuji, Saitama Minami-ku, Saitama 336-0026 Japan
A Factory INC. Recruitment officer Matsumoto

※ We will procced with document screening after receiving your entry form. If you pass we will notify you with the details about the first selection.
Please apply to our job opening with the entry sheet and as many documents you could submit, only if you did not have achance to collect all required application documents (transcript, certificate of expected graduation, medical checkup results) due to school closures caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19).


[ Designer Position ]

The candidate will handle tasks including interior design work while directly communicating with clients to establish the needs, budget, and schedule for the assigned project. Additionally,  being involved in other wide range of duties such as ; sign and graphic design. Based on your work experience and skills, you with be assigned a position ranging from an assistant designer to a project manager.

[ Preferred Skills and Qualification ]

・Practical Interior Design work experience.
・International work experience.
・A Design/Art qualification or a degree from university/art school.
・1st / 2nd Class Licensed Architect, 1st / 2ndClass Licensed Construction Management Engineer  (Extra Allowance)

[ About the Candidate ]

・Those who are passionate about Interior Design and actively envision ideas to shape new spaces.
・Those with solid communication skills, and ability to articulate opinions with confidence.
・Those who are curious to learn new skills and find enjoyment in tackling new challenges.


AutoCAD , Vectorworks , SketchUp , RevitAdobe Illustrator / Photoshop , Microsoft Excel / Word


[ Project Manager Position ]

The candidate will perform production and construction management work based on the client needs and design intention. In addition, managing budget, design and construction processes, safety , and others for the projects assigned while assuring that spaces will be constructed according to the client’s vision.

[ Preferred Skills and Qualification ]

・Practical Project Management work experience.
・1st / 2nd Class Licensed Construction Management Engineer,  1st / 2nd Class Licensed Piping Construction Management Engineer, 1st / 2nd class Qualified Certified Electrician (Extra Allowance)

[ About the Candidate ]

・Those who are passionate about manufacturing and wants to investigate thoroughly what they are particular about.
・Those with solid communication skills, and ability to articulate opinions with confidence.
・Those who show enthusiasm to work with famous brand shops.


[ Craftsman Position ]

The candidate will be involved in manufacturing furniture at our own factory following client needs and design intention. In addition, based on your accumulated experience and high skills, your will be assigned to create furniture details that can’t be even drawn in drawings.

[ Preferred Skills and Qualification ]

・Practical experience in production work and craftsmanship.
・Experience and knowledge of using machinery tools equipment.

[ About the Candidate ]

・Those are eager to learn top-level manufacturing technology.
・Those who are particular about, and have a strong attachment to creating furniture.
・Those who want to make extra ordinary furniture and fixtures using wood.


[ Creative Designer Position ]

In addition to space design work experience, the candidate will carry out tasks from a wide range of design fields including, web design, video creation, animation, and digital content creation such as AR and VR.

[ Preferred Skills and Qualification]

・Practical experience in general design fields; video creation, 3D animation, etc.
・IT strategists ,IT service manager, System architecture, etc. (Extra Allowance)[ About the Candidate ]
・Those with high IT skills.
・Those who are passionate about creating new content using digital media.
・Those who are ambitious to challenge themselves to try out and explore new knowledge.

[ Software ]

SketchUp , Revit , 3DsMax , Maya , Shade3D ,Rhinoceros , SimLab , UnityAdobe Illustrator / Photoshop / After Effects


The candidate will be engaged in Store Planning / Design and architectural coordination for events / promotions in Japan and overseas.

As the specialist, she or he will be in charge of a liaison for overall oversea coordination.

[ Role Responsibility ]

・Conducting space/exhibition planning, designing and the presentation.
・Coordination with oversea clients (Art Galleries, Sponsors and etc.) including hearing and project agreements.
・Negotiation and contract sign-off in English or Chinese.
・Conducting Space Planning, producing drawing packages(for Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Document and Joinery Shop Drawing),and executing Project Management.
・Monitoring the Construction Schedule with the production teams.・Conducting the inspection on the construction site.
・Conducting the client hand-over and the store opening.
・Conducting the meeting with client, the preparation of documentations and all coordination in phone and email correspondences.
・Communication with the production teams.

[ Software ]

AutoCAD, VectorworksSketchUp, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Excel, Word

[ Required Skills ]

・Native level in Chinese or English proficiency・Business level in Japanese proficiency
・Experience in client negotiation and presentation skills
・Experience in Project Management skill for projects

[ Preferred Skills and Qualification ]

・Logical thinking
・Ability to solve problems with the cooperation of the specialists
・Experience in project planning and presentation
・Ability to learn anything continuously with curiosity
・Ability to accomplish any challenges with maintaining good physical strength
・Ability to articulate an opinion with confidence・1st / 2nd Class Licensed Architect
・1st / 2nd Class Licensed Construction Management Engineer
・Degree in Architecture from Art School

[ Work Location ] Headquarter in Tokyo(Shibuya-ku)
[ Employment Type ] Full-time position


We have an internship system for those who are interested in our company after looking at our homepage and company information.

We accept application at our Tokyo Head Office or Quality Control Center in Saitama.

Please fill in the online format below if you are interested and please feel free to ask us any question.

7-6-18,Tsuji,Saitama Minami-ku,Saitama 336-0026 JapanA Factory INC. Recruitment officer(


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